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Most unconventional (shocking?) sex scenes in books

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Ok, so this post is going to be R-rated, so proceed only if you’re 18 or older. As the title suggest, I will be choosing the most unconventional (shocking even, but not a bad way) sex scenes, from my reading experiences I’ve come across until now.

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Is it advisable for authors to their opinion in their books?

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Readers are divided concerning the matter of actors slipping their opinion in their books. On political/social issues or various events happening in the world. Some like it, some think advisable not to. As for one, I’m in the former team.

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Something niggling me for some time now…

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Can fan-fictions be considered as literature of value?

This post will be somewhat unusual compared to my previous posts. This week I decided not to choose a book, but to get to the bottom of the secret realm of fan-fictions. There are a lot of questions and skepticism around fan-works, and I want to find some answers to them. Like might or might not fan-fictions represent any literary value? Can those novels or novellas be real piece of arts without the bias caused by the pre-created fandoms?

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Review system

So then. Let’s have a few thoughts about a few things. I mean, why not start with my evaluation principles. 🤔

I’ve been thinking that, maybe, I should publish this post before the Skybound review, but I eventually decided not to. It was for a rather simple reason, namely that Skybound has a very special place even among my favorites. It’s the book that I’ve read so many times that, to be honest, I kind of lost count, and the times I’ve listened to the audiobook are also about innumerable. All I can say for sure is that I more or less already know it by heart. This bias would make it incredibly unfair to let Skybound to compete against the other wonderful books I have encountered, or against my other favorites.

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