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One book for the Chirstmases to come

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Glitter on the Garland and Sparkle to the Season by Helen Juliet

If I had to choose only one book for the Christmases to come, it would be Helen Juliet’s Christmas series. I think it may be a bit confusing that in the title I said “one book” and I picked two, but it’s because the second book (Sparkle to the Season) is much more like an epilogue to the first volume than anything more complex. I will explain later what I mean by that, but at first let’s check the novels. You will encounter spoilers from now on so proceed with caution.

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Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol reloaded? Hell yeah!

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Since when I was a little kid I loved Christmas novels and novellas. And as the title – not so subtlety – suggests Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was one of my favorites. I’ve read the book countless times and watched all the films and animations. I even have read the Scrooge McDuck edition comic. So yeah, it is a love with a long history.

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Spooky book choice for the spooky season

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When the music stops from John T. Fuller

Originally I wanted to choose a ghost story for this spooky post, but all the ghost books I read recently was Christmas stories, so they do not really fit in the Halloween season. Then it occurred to me that I’ve read a book with a story taking place in an asylum. And an asylum is by definition spooky, not to mention the end of 19th centuries setting and atmosphere. Add to this mix the Victorian era with its strictly religious, God fearing beliefs and you will find yourself in a horror movie set.

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Eltévedt karácsonyi hangulat: A Frost of Cares

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Nem tudom, ti hogy vagytok vele, de engem augusztus végén – szeptember elején általában elkap valami furcsa, megtévedt karácsonyi hangulat. Halkan azért megjegyezném, hogy nagyon szeretem a karácsonyt, szóval nem szoktam bánni. És szerencsére ez a fajta állapot viszonylag könnyen gyógyítható. Általában egy félig végighallgatott karácsonyi playlisttel és egy jól megválasztott karácsonyi regénnyel. A mostani alkalommal ‘A Frost of Cares’ című regényt olvastam el Amy Rea Durresontól.

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Through someone’s eyes: novels written in 1st person POV

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I think when we choose our next read, we let our decision to be made guided by some sort of preferences. It could be the genre, the writing style, the gender or other characteristics of the main characters, the historical period where the novel takes place etc. Furthermore in my opinion the point of view of the storytelling equally can be a determining factor.

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One step out of my comfort zone: novels taking place in Africa

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Well, where to start? I think every reader have has a spectrum of books they like to read within. It’s also true for me. I mainly read romances with same-sex couples as main characters. My spectrum extends from WWI and WWII (or modern military romances) through time travel to sci-fis taking place in space or intergalactic environment. Sometimes I read romantic comedies, or folktales put in a new, modern aspect, or horrors, ghost stories.

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Full spectrum of an adventure: Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

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Jane Seville’s Zero at the Bone was my second M/M read right after I have finished the Cut and Run series (completed with the Sidewinder side-story) by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux. And I loved it from the first word to the very last. After reading this book I’ve accidentally found the audiobook version narrated by Alan Smith. Finally I managed to get and read the graphic novel, too. In order to complete the experience, checking the artworks and listening to the audio book is a must.

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Some thought-provoking stuff from Tal Bauer: Executive Office

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If you are hunting for some larger scale, thought-provoking read, search no more, the Executive Office trilogy is exactly what you need. But before you start to read, I have to mention that you will need an above average understanding of American political and election system along with the American political approach of the Near-East and the attitude and taken steps towards it (the Afghan and Iraqi wars, civil war in Syria etc.)

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