Ongoing Stories

As the page title suggests, you can find my novels/ongoing stories here. Currently only my Hungarian novel ‘Lázár Péter’ is completed. But do not worry, my English novel ‘Disparities’ will be updated regularly. To check out the books, click on the images below. 😀
Special thanks to Alysia for the covers and editing the books.

How would two man in love hide in plain sight during the madness filled years of ww2? Can a girl – who wants nothing to do with a life destined for women – help them covering the truth about his friends and provide alibi for the three of them?

In a world thorn into shreds by a savage war, can a soldier maintain his sanity? Is it possible to return to civilian life and play along with undamaged people? Would the help from a war buddy turned into lover ever be enough? Could the unhinged world ever be mended again?