Disparities – 4.

Disclaimer 1: Please note, that this is the 4th chapter of the novel, so if you did not read chapters 1-3, you can find them linked here. Disclaimer 2: In this chapter I deliberately changed some events of Paris’ liberation by the Allies forces. So don’t be surprised if you find discrepancies between the real […]

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Cinderlight – Revival

Short disclaimer: This novella takes place approximately two and a half years after ‘Cinderlight – a Fay’. This one can be read as a stand-alone, but I still recommend to read the first part here, to get to know the characters. And please keep in mind that ‘Cinderlight – A Fay’ was my first novella […]

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1. Louis looked up at the orange sun slowly crawling up on the dawning sky. Never once in his life did he observe the lights with such wonder. But that morning was different. It is clearly unbelievable how little things of someone’s everyday routine get immeasurably valuable, when that someone’s last day begins on a […]

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Lights in the Distance

He blinked a few times, when cool water drops slided in his eyes. His head was pounding, his ears were ringing deafening out an otherworldly echo. What the hell had just happened? Was he drinking too much after the battle with his buddies? And now was he waking up next to the pub walls in […]

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