Lights in the Distance

He blinked a few times, when cool water drops slided in his eyes. His head was pounding, his ears were ringing deafening out an otherworldly echo. What the hell had just happened? Was he drinking too much after the battle with his buddies? And now was he waking up next to the pub walls in […]

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I. Henry sat down beside Lillie. The sun was setting, the camp was utterly calm if you don’t count the soldiers buzzing with nervous energy after the whole-day battle. First they didn’t speak, they were just looking straight ahead to the makeshift ‘operation room’ created only by laid out canvases originally used for camouflaging trucks. […]

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Believing is Seeing

I was waiting in the secret hiding nook of the house wall, as always during the afternoons. I had nothing to fear of the humans while hiding in there. I never liked them coming too close to me. Besides they never noticed me. I’m not complaining, it’s totally fine by me keeping my distance from […]

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Cinderlight – A Fay

A Fay entered the room darkened with the thickest night. It only took a few steps to walk to the bed in the other end of the room. The womanish figure – with fair hair and red, full lips – stood beside the bed, and looked down to the two men sleeping in the bed, […]

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