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One book for the Chirstmases to come

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Glitter on the Garland and Sparkle to the Season by Helen Juliet

If I had to choose only one book for the Christmases to come, it would be Helen Juliet’s Christmas series. I think it may be a bit confusing that in the title I said “one book” and I picked two, but it’s because the second book (Sparkle to the Season) is much more like an epilogue to the first volume than anything more complex. I will explain later what I mean by that, but at first let’s check the novels. You will encounter spoilers from now on so proceed with caution.

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Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol reloaded? Hell yeah!

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Since when I was a little kid I loved Christmas novels and novellas. And as the title – not so subtlety – suggests Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was one of my favorites. I’ve read the book countless times and watched all the films and animations. I even have read the Scrooge McDuck edition comic. So yeah, it is a love with a long history.

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Most unconventional (shocking?) sex scenes in books

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Ok, so this post is going to be R-rated, so proceed only if you’re 18 or older. As the title suggest, I will be choosing the most unconventional (shocking even, but not a bad way) sex scenes, from my reading experiences I’ve come across until now.

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Is it advisable for authors to their opinion in their books?

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Readers are divided concerning the matter of actors slipping their opinion in their books. On political/social issues or various events happening in the world. Some like it, some think advisable not to. As for one, I’m in the former team.

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Spooky book choice for the spooky season

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When the music stops from John T. Fuller

Originally I wanted to choose a ghost story for this spooky post, but all the ghost books I read recently was Christmas stories, so they do not really fit in the Halloween season. Then it occurred to me that I’ve read a book with a story taking place in an asylum. And an asylum is by definition spooky, not to mention the end of 19th centuries setting and atmosphere. Add to this mix the Victorian era with its strictly religious, God fearing beliefs and you will find yourself in a horror movie set.

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Must read books with super ugly covers

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This post will be a bit unusual, because it will be mainly about book covers, as the title suggests. Who has not heard the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? So I decided to make a list about good books with awful covers, thus I’m quite sure there is an abundance of bad books with ugly covers and bad books with brilliant covers. Maybe in the future I will make a list for the other two categories too.

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Something niggling me for some time now…

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Can fan-fictions be considered as literature of value?

This post will be somewhat unusual compared to my previous posts. This week I decided not to choose a book, but to get to the bottom of the secret realm of fan-fictions. There are a lot of questions and skepticism around fan-works, and I want to find some answers to them. Like might or might not fan-fictions represent any literary value? Can those novels or novellas be real piece of arts without the bias caused by the pre-created fandoms?

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Through someone’s eyes: novels written in 1st person POV

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I think when we choose our next read, we let our decision to be made guided by some sort of preferences. It could be the genre, the writing style, the gender or other characteristics of the main characters, the historical period where the novel takes place etc. Furthermore in my opinion the point of view of the storytelling equally can be a determining factor.

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