Three Steps – Prologue

Three Steps is one of my first novels and it took me three years to write this monumental techno-fantasy story, its events following a great war fought in order to reunite the word 150 years after the Break-up. Four extaordinairy siblings are tasked with the mission which took them to end of the word, to the long-lost old capital and under the Mountains guarding the heart of the Lost Empire Esthadon…
This novel consist of almost a 200 chapters, however only the first 2 is available in English.

To my Heirs

The time, when we have to quit hiding our heads in the sand, is nigh. The time, when we have to admit that the order of our empire has collapsed into chaos, from the two Continents through the Isles. The time, when we can no longer deny the stirring chaos within the thousand-year long order, the uproar and resistance of lands near and far, turning against the central government. You all must already be well aware of the initial uprisings, which by now have grown into full-fledged war between the masses. And the Rule can no longer quell the ire of the Seven Realms.

As the leaders of the Land, we have to admit defeat at the hands of opposing wills and bold desires, sprouting abundantly within our world. We have to admit that we can no longer preserve the thousand-years old Glorious Esthadon, without our very selves succumbing to the destruction of war as well.

Thus I, the first among thee and the sixth among the Patriarchs, have summoned a War Council, assembled from warlords whose loyalty we either bought or otherwise secured; then we accounted for every possible choice, and within numerous weeks the Council found the long-desired solution. Since I myself firmly believe that the world order could be restored within three certain steps, the solution I chose resonates with this very same principle;

 First, we let the war grow long, fifty years or so will surely suffice. This provides ample time for independence to those who crave it, whereas the now disillusioned will experience what despair freedom can bring. Of course we will have to be keen on weakening those who oppose us just enough by the end of these fifty years. Just as important will be to form close-knit alliances with those still worthy.

Therefore, as the First Step, we must seek an agreement with the Mountain Depths, and convince them to protect the core of the Empire from the changes within the world.  This will be a task for the (valiant) Upholders, who will reach an agreement with the Depths without fail; they have to arrange for the aid of the Depths dwellers against the malice plaguing us, and form a mutually fruitful military alliance with them. Our King will be to remain here, sheltered from savage influences and watched over by the Upholders.

We Patriarchs, on the other hand, are to relocate to the newly established Esther, to get ourselves twined into the fine threads of the web of power in the Trans-Continent. Half of the army will remain in Esthadon to protect the core, whereas the other half will accompany us through our endeavours. I am fairly confident that we will be better off with making arrangements from there than from a country surrounded – it is true, Ladies and Lords, we may have to consider a case, when an alliance with the Depths becomes impossible, separating us from our realm. We may find ourselves stranded and cut off, yet we need to take this risk. Esthadon must be sealed off for our enemies to believe our utter and absolute defeat.

Then we let another 50-100 years pass, when we – with subtle relentlessness – will further weaken the less wealthy areas, that have always been depending on the center. This will become the Second Step. During this phase, we will need to maintain a favourable relationship with the Magi, for them to steadily provide us with the servants we need. If they will take our side, no one can benefit from the services of the magic users without the consent of the ‘old government’. Or if they still somehow manage to, we will be there to ensure that only the wealthiest, if anyone, can afford healing and all the boons solely obtainable from the trade of the magi.

            Yes, a mere hundred years will be enough for the people to become weary of the make-believe peace, to be completely worn down by the hardships they face. This is when the Third Step, the restoration of the upturned-world order may begin. If we succeed, there will be none to oppose our ambitions, and the free countries will meekly accept and celebrate the reinstated unity.

However, the plan must be carried out in utter secrecy; the common folk, incapable of comprehending the true nature of the greater picture, may not catch a glimpse of what has been pronounced during this summit. They will be but swept along by the flow of the carefully planned and precisely engineered events. Looking through your ranks, I see the flares of doubt in many eyes – the eyes of those who do not agree with me, and secretly beckon the final downfall of our world. Yet I am glad to also see those who intend to follow the directive in formidable numbers. For the indecisive, I have but only one advice; decide where your heart lies at until the morrow, for when the events are set in motion, we will no longer be accepting disagreement.

  • Source of cover image: (Ali Lokhandwala)
  • Translation: Yamidoragon (Thank you for all your relentless work done with this pilot chapter. 💖)

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