Historical gay fictions by Ruby Moone – II.

Regency Rouges series

In this post I plan to resume the tread of book review where I left it last time. If you haven’t read the first part of this review I recommend to start with the first part by clicking here.

These books were my favorites in the series, and the main reason of putting these books in one review is that the books are complementary to each other. Not direct sequels to each other but both are the bits of the same story. So regarding the reading order, you would see that the order of the books are completely interchangeable, you won’t spoil any fun by starting with one or with the other. But from linearity point of view I would recommend to start with “The Wrong Kind of Angel” then continue with “Trapped” in order to get the extra insight.

And before continue reading the review, note that the spoiler warning is still in effect. 😉

⚜️The Wrong Kind of Angel⚜️

Source: Goodreads

Short explanation of the story:

The story takes place during the Festive season of 1817. Harry Valentine runs away from a famous London brothel (Molly house – my new favorite word learnt while reading the series :D) taking a young boy with him wanting to save him from the same faith he had to endure. His money is not enough to get the both of them to North of England, so when one of them is forced off the train, Harry tells the boy to wait for him at their destination until he gets there on foot.

But the harsh weather saps all his strength, hindering him by infernal hail and blizzard. He crashes into the house and the life of Captain Charles Farrington almost frozen to death. Charles saves his life and Harry sees his saving angel in him. Despite Charles repeats through the novella that he is the “wrong kind of angel”, he gives his everything to Harry, saving him from his pursuers and helps him save the boy.

My opinion about the book:

Compared to the books reviewed in my last post, this one did not feel rushed or vague. Every word had its place, and each and every act of the main characters were perfectly enacted, their timing impeccable. The antagonist and negative characters were a bit dull and their leader seemed to be vicious and ill-intentioned only for the hell of it. But, it worked. I perfectly got the impression of someone never confronted with his evil actions, never punished for any suffering he had caused to the inmates of the brothel. So yeah, his being the way he was was totally understandable but not acceptable for me.

My favorite character was Charles with his unfaltering cool-headedness, recollected nature and efficiency all due to his military background. He was the one who came up with the plan to save both Harry and the boy and lose their pursuers. And despite all this level-headedness, he was the insecure one needing reassurance that he could be loved and deserved to be loved.

So based on all of the above, this book was a perfect 5 stars read for me.

Length of the book: 74 pages

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Source: Goodreads

Short explanation of the story:

Sam Holloway is trapped in the same brothel, Harry managed to run away from. Oh, and by the way, Harry is his cousin, so at least Sam is happy that Harry could get away, even if he is left alone and vulnerable and a constant target of one of the bullies “taking care” of the man living in the house. So Sam is very desperate to get away, not backing away from lying to his client – Tristan – who was nothing but kind to him.

Tristan (his client with constant sadness in his eyes) believes Sam’s every words when he confesses his love to him, and decides on the spot to do everything to help Sam get his freedom back. As they hide and spend a lot of time together, Sam recognizes that Tristan is not the only one in love, because somewhere, somehow he too had fallen for the handsome earl.

My opinion about the book:

As you can guess this is the longest volume of the series with the most complex storyline along with the most developed characters. But despite of all qualities of the book if I had to choose between this one and “The Wrong Kind of Angel” I’m not sure which one I would pick as my favorite. I love them both.

And I loved the characters also. I felt for Tristan, I could imagine how hopeless he’d felt, but on the other hand I could completely understand all the desperate decisions Sam had made. Him betraying Tristan was really bad and hurtful, but who would do otherwise thorn between impossible choices?

The helper characters; Tristan’s cousin – Archie – and Sam’s best friend – Garreth – were also well developed and realistic, with complex personalities and absolutely human desires. My favorite character was Archie, he was charming with his nonchalance, but what I really liked was his sharp-mindedness and his perceptive and observant nature all well-hidden behind his lordliness and holier-than-thou attitude. He worked especially well with Garreth’s impulsive personality. I hope the two of them stick together till the end of their lives, same as Sam and Tristan.

The plot and events set into motion in “The Wrong Kind of Angel” get a perfect closure in this volume, every single one of the villain characters get what they deserve. So this is another good reason to read this book after “The Wrong kind of Angel” in order to get the perfect storyline.

Finishing this review, looking back, I might say that this book was my favorite of the series but only by a hair’s breadth.

Length of the book: 198 pages

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (HUUUUGE 5 stars)

So this was my opinion concerning Ruby Moone’s Regency Rouges series. I hope you liked it. What do you think about the series? Do you agree with my rating? Feel free to let me know in the comment box below.


Source of cover image: Ruby Moone on Twitter (@RubyMooneWriter)

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