My Favorite Books without Audiobook

After my previous post about my favorite audiobooks, let’s check the ones, for which it would be nice to have an audiobook version. If a book makes a great impression on me after finishing reading it, I usually check if there is an audiobook availabale for them. And in the case of some of my favorites I came up empty after my little search. I summarized 5 of these kind of books without an audio version.

1️⃣ Finding you, Finding me (Bailey Queen)

This book is my favorite, my feelings for it are the same as for Skyboud. I re-read countless times the ordeals of queer medic Henry Iverson and Private 1st class (later corporal) Will Rollins from D-Day to Liberation Day and the end of the war. I won’t write long about this book, because I plan to prepare a through review of this novel, but I dare say, I would give everything to hear Henry and Will coming to life with an audiobook (and their staff sergeant, Giordano. Yeah definitely him, he is my favourite character after Henry).

2️⃣ Echoes Rising Trilogy (Anne Barwell)

This trilogy is the escape story of nuclear scientist Kristopher Lehrer and a French resistance fighter Michel Faber from nazi Germany. I really liked the adventures of naïve Kristopher and war-hardened Michel. Kristopher – called Kit by his friends and especially Michel – is kind and wants to be friends with everyone, and Michel is his complete opposite, grumpy and hostile towards everyone who aren’t in his inner circle, the only person in the world who he is kind to is Kristopher. Their interactions narrated by a good voice actor like Matthew Lloys Davies or Greg Tremblay would just make the experience perfect.

3️⃣ The Android and the Thief (Wendy Rathbone)

The story of a rich boy trying to break free from the controlled life his tyrannic father forces on him, and an artificial human (an android which is a derogatory term for his kind). They both find themselves thrown into prison, moreover in the same cell. Khim, the android is very hostile at first towards Trev (as towards every human), but in order to assure his survival, he accepts the proposal of friendship by Trev. Fake-friendship, as he believes, but Trev effortlessly proves him wrong, by saving him more than one occasion, even almost dyeing for him once. It’s a story of their friendship (then much more) and their prison break together. I really would like to hear Trev and Khim becoming friends, plotting escape, fooling Dante (Trev’s father), but no… no audiobook for this gem either.

4️⃣ Rocky mountain refuge (Nicky James)

1st person narration of Aspen (wildlife biologist) and Huxley (a fugitive with paranoid personality disorder), and the story of Huxley’s homecoming and redemption/re-installation into society, and him finding a home with Aspen. It would be really interesting to listen to their story narrated by two voice actors, it would be a huge plus to put voice behind the different point of views/perspectives.

5️⃣ Time Waits (Out of Time by C.B. Lewis)

I won’t be writing a summary about this one. You can find the post about this book here. It’s so sad that there is no audiobook for this novel. I’m really curious to hear Janos’ accented and broken English.

Same as in my previous post regarding the Top 5 books with audio version, here are some Honarable mentions:

1. Of Sunlight and Stardust (Riley Hart, Chirstina Lee)

It’s a story of reincarnation, of past life’s mistakes, tragedies, and new chances in the next life.

2. Juggernaut and Bane (1st and 3rd volumes of Strain Trilogy by Amelia C. Gormly)

A really horrifing zombie apocalypse without zombies (the ‘things’ almost wiping out humanity in the books are feral humans, transformed into mindless animals by the artificial Bane Virus). This two books are about the story of survial of Nico, and enhanced human, called a Juggernaut (Jug for short) and Zack, the remnant of the lost world who Nico does his best to protect form the merciless new world of feral humans.

+1: Warriors Cross (Abigail Roux and Madelaine Urban)

A novel about CIA spook Julian Cross and Cameron Jacobs (waiter in an upper-class restaurant called Tuesdays). The life with Cameron, and the dinners on Tuesday nights at the restaurant are the attempts of Julian to keep something scarcely resembling to normal life. This is the only book in the Cut and Run universe without an audiobook version, and it is a pity that one of the best volumes didn’t received an ‘audiobook treatment’.

So these are my favorite books without audiobook. I hope you enjoyed this content.

Source of pictures: Goodreads or my photos of the books (where there is no other mention)

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