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Welcome on Hundred Moors!

I am S.A. Locryn a fan of history and good books. And a writer. I liked reading like forever and inventing worlds and creating stories in those worlds. I just wanted to bring my heroes, anti-heroes into life, because I thought that living only between the boundaries of my skull would be somewhat meagre.

So as you can see I upload a lot of stuff on this blog. Some of it are my novellas and some chapters of my novels (mainly in Hungarian, at least temporarily), but I also want to show you my favorite books, genres and maybe discuss them. This will currently mainly be the m/m genre (although I only started recently to experiment with writing m/m novels, but I became an addict of this kind of books far before). Lately I’m only reading in English and the books of my choice don’t have Hungarian translations, so it only makes sense.

And as I mentioned before, I consider myself a self-instructed amateur historian, therefore when I’m reading historical fictions, I love to find the bits where the author use the events creatively. So I will be sharing fun facts also. Along with opinions, critics regarding my favorite books (usually will be prepared in English and Hungarian), some of them is originally composed in English.

I was wondering a lot, which event or what moment set me on the path of writing. And finally I think I have my answer. When I was a kid, maybe 9-10 years old, somewhere I have found a citation. I don’t remember where and from whom, but it certanly had an immense inpact on me. Unfortunately I don’t remember the proper words either, so I can only tell them as I remember them:

“If no one had written the exact book you want read, you have to write it.”

And I’m not saying, I couldn’t find books I love or want to read (there are myriads), but when I had found that citation, it felt like it was directed at me, personally, to change my perception of books. At that time we had had a lot of mandatory readings at school. Like if I were to pile them all together, I could much build the Empire State Building. I was almonst drowned under that pile that yielded almost zero good reading experience, and I couldn’t understand even a bit why people loved reading. I pondered if I was the only one unable to exploit those adventures. So as conclusion that citation seamed even truer.

But when I found out what kind of books I liked, I re-learned to love reading. And the best thing is? I can choose freely from the incountable possibilities. And I hope that by writing (translating) about the books providing me with something special, I can help you too to find new adventures. I also hope with my own novels and novellas may also serve this very same purpose. 😀

I hope you will like these contents.

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